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If you have questions regarding a specific horse listed for adoption, please contact: CeCe Calli: adopt@gerlltd.org
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(PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT adopt horses outside the state of Georgia.)

Justice is a 2-3-year-old Grade bay gelding.

Justice is a 2-3-year-old Grade bay gelding. He is a sweet boy and his skills are still being evaluated.

Moonhanger is a 22-year old 15 hand paint gelding

Moonhanger is a 22-year old 15 hand paint gelding that is doing beautifully! He is under saddle and is quite proud of himself. He appears to be sound and the vet agreed that he would make a fine trail horse. Hanger loves his companion mini gelding and having his freedom in the pasture. He comes running when called. He is super in cross ties for a bath. Really loves his Man Cave (16x12 stall with fan and turnout) which because of his weight he has to spend time in.

Indy is a 17-year old 13 hand Welsh Cob Gelding.

Indy is a 17-year old 13 hand Welsh Cob Gelding. Indy has trust issues and is a bit nervous. Courtney is working on both issues. He also should be sound for riding when he is ready

Backstreet is a 17-year old 14.3h sorrel Grade Mare.

Backstreet is a 17-year old 14.3h sorrel Grade Mare.
She is a beautiful girl with trust issues that we are working on. She appears to be sound for riding. She will be started under saddle when she is ready. She comes in to her paddock every day, twice a day to be fed and groomed on her own. Making progress!

Gypsy Rose...Rosie is a sweet mare that loves attention.

Gypsy Rose...Rosie is a sweet mare that loves attention. She is curious and comes up to visit you at the fence even when it's not feeding time. She stands for the vet and farrier. She also stands still while grooming and tacking her up from both the right and left side (blind side). I have used clippers on her mane and muzzle which she was a little curious about but tolerated. She has become fast friends with our 3 geldings- she is okay with being the low man on the totem pole but doesn't get walked on. Lauren rode her for the first time this weekend (also Lauren's first time riding in about a year!) she was very sweet - walk trot canter - but got a little tired and ready to go back to the barn around 30 minutes - granted she hasn't been ridden since September.

Samson is a 15 year old Grade Gelding.

Samson is a 15 year old Grade Gelding. Due to an old injury Samson will be adopted as a pasture pal only. His knee gives him a bit of trouble but treated with DMSO and a good rub he will be a fine addition to your pretty horse herd.

Holly is a 5 year old Arab Cross pony.

Holly is a 14 hand 5 year old Arab Cross pony. She has a vibrant personality, endless curiosity and a work ethic that won't stop. She loves to learn new things and spend as much time with her human as possible. Because her personality is so one-on-one based, it is best that she goes to a single owner and not a lesson program. She has had extensive ground work training and her under saddle training has been going amazingly well. She was originally started by one of the GERL Rescue Challenge trainers and had an extremely solid foundation put on her. She has recently been worked by another GERL Rescue Challenge trainer who has focused on fine-tuning the wonderful base that was put on her originally. She has worked with light traffic and roadways, loud dogs, and both with company and without. She is currently learning her lead changes and maximizing the use of her hind end. There is no limit to how far she can go! And she is an extremely willing participant. She has cantered cross-rails and has a great walk/trot/canter. She just needs the perfect partner who will show her the rest. Holly is best suited for an intermediate to advanced rider.

Pleasure Lane is a 16 year old
Maverick is a 15h - 10 year old

Maverick is a 15hh 10 year old Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. He was seized by Hall County as a stallion. Maverick is the proud Father of Ranger. Like his dad he was gelded at GDA then brought into GERL’S foster program.

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