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Volunteer of The Quarter

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1st Quarter 2016 - Ray Ziebell and Amy Cox
There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind who should be the GERL Volunteer of the Quarter, but in this case, I must say VOLUNTEERS of the quarter! That’s because there are TWO people who orchestrated and worked so hard to make our annual poker ride, now known as the Andee Rogers Memorial Ride, a great success. Ray Ziebell and Amy Cox stand out equally in everyone’s mind when we think about who is worthy of the title.
The “Andee Ride” featured some new things to make it fun; like throwing darts at a board filled with playing cards. Whichever card your dart hit, became a card in your poker hand. Then there was “Road Apple Bingo” which involved placing a couple of horses in a small corral containing a chalk numbered grid on the ground. Chances were sold for $5 each on
 which square would catch the first “horse apple”. It took those horses a LONG time to produce results! With a $100 prize at stake, the “results” were anxiously anticipated. In addition to the FUN part of the day, Ray and Amy served a delicious chili, salad, and loaded baked potato lunch. Amy arranged for a local country band to play for us. To top it all off, there was a lovely banner with a picture of Andee placed at the event entrance. Ray and Pierette put pots of beautiful flowers all round the banner. Andee would have loved that! No doubt, it was the most profitable and fun poker ride ever hosted by GERL over the past 20 years. Our thanks to Ray Ziebell and Amy Cox for their creativity and willingness to take on such an event for GERL!

2nd Quarter 2016 - Alice (in Waterland) Enix
One of the things that GERL has a need for are more volunteers to sit at our booths at various events. We often get invitations to come and set up a booth, but the burden typically falls on the shoulders of one of the GERL Board members.
I have a neighbor who comes over and enjoys working with my horses on occasion. She is relatively new to the horse world, but has really taken a shine to the world of gentle horsemanship training. She is much like a sponge, soaking up all of the information from experienced trainers and other horse people. Her name is Alice Enix (Alice in Waterland) and I have written about her in previous newsletters or shown pictures of her working with one of GERL’s foster horses that have come through my place over the years.
Alice set up a GERL booth at the Williams Plantation Old Frontier Days last year and enjoyed it so much she recently tended a booth at the UGA Bulldog Classic. She also sat in our booth all day by herself at the first annual Georgia Urban Agriculture Expo at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds back in May. A big thanks to Alice Enix for her willingness to help GERL out at these types of events in order to make people more aware of GERL and the programs that we offer. Congratulations on being picked as our Volunteer of the Quarter, Alice!

3rd Quarter 2016 - Nancy Bogardts
The GERL Volunteer of the Quarter is somebody who has been around for a long time. She has been a member of GERL for over 10 years and is also a huge supporter of the Mansfield impound. In fact, she is a former part-time employee-turned volunteer and can be found there on occasional weekend feeding duty. She is always present at the GDA horse auctions and typically helps out with the bidder registration process. By now you may have guessed her name is Nancy Bogardts.

   Nancy is also a volunteer at her local animal shelter and is often on social media trying to help place dogs in forever homes. Nancy has several dogs of her own (all rescues, of course!). Being a “city girl”, she has no horses of her own, but she always has a barn full of horses at the Mansfield Impound that enjoy her affection, her gentle touch, and her love. Since Nancy is on social media a good bit, she often posts items about GERL on our Facebook page. She was doing such a great job that one day she looked in the newsletter and right there on the “Who’s Who” page, in black and white, it stated: “Nancy Bogardts – Facebook Coordinator”. She and I had a big laugh about that the next time we spoke, but thankfully, she agreed to carry the title, along with Rebecca Jimenez, who also helps out by posting GERL news.
    Just recently, Nancy volunteered to help GERL out by representing our organization in a booth at the UGA Horse Owners Seminar held in July. It was her first time to man a booth for GERL, but I can tell you that she was a pro at it from the start. I think she enjoyed it, too, so I’m hoping that you may see Nancy in another GERL booth sometime in the future.
    Nancy is one of the sweetest, best natured, people you will ever meet who has a huge heart for all animals. GERL would like to thank Nancy by recognizing her as our Volunteer of the Quarter. Thanks so much for all you do, Nancy!!

4th Quarter 2016 - Leslie Lambert
Our volunteer(s) of the quarter this time are Leslie Lambert and Jacki Moore. I don’t suppose a great number of our  GERL members know Leslie and Jacki. That is because they are always quietly working in the background but they never stop doing anything they can think of to help GERL.
   I met them years ago when they agreed to foster an old horse for GERL. They knew that “Vandy” would never be adopted because of his age but they also knew that he had been the heard stallion for a gentleman who raised very nice Quarter Horses years ago. The horse was eventually gelded and taught this gentleman’s grandchildren to ride. Now his owner was dying and wanted desperately for his much loved horse to be cared for in his last years. Leslie and Jackie fostered that horse on behalf of GERL for quite a few years until he died in his mid to late thirties this past year. They never submitted a bill to GERL for the outstanding, loving, and complete care they showered upon him during that time.
   Whenever there is a call for volunteers and either, or both of them are available, they are there. It was a great help to have them at the recent Stallion to Gelding Day at Countryside Hospital for Animals near Jersey, GA. on November 19th. of this year.
   A few years ago Leslie and Jacki adopted a horse through GERL. That horse, (“Hemi”), turned out to be a “trial”, to say the very least. He would walk all over his handler and was not safe to ride. He was even found to have some minor lameness issues. I thought that perhaps they should return him and get another horse but they refused to give up on him. They felt that he would end up being passed around from home to home and may even been mistreated because of his unacceptable behavior. Of course they were right but I could hardly help thinking of their safety.
   In the end, they found a wonderful trainer who shared their concerns for the horse’s future and who wanted to take on a real horse training challenge. They all knew it would take time and patience. No doubt, it took quite an amount of money as well, even though their trainer charged as little as he possibly could. Now, several years later, Leslie is riding that horse regularly and has even bought a cart and is enjoying driving him!
   They also adopted “Tony the Pony” after he competed in the first annual GERL Rescue Challenge. Tony was to be for their young nephews but it turns out that the children’s mother is enjoying riding Tony so much that they may have to look for another pony for the little ones!
About to retire from her years of work in the medical field, Leslie, who has a nice trailer and truck, wants to start an equine transport business. She will be on call for safe transport at any time of the day or night. She will accept both short and long haul assignments. If you ever have a need for equine transport, you can always find Leslie’s business card in the GERL Newsletter.
   Most recently, Leslie and Jacki have agreed to take on part of my duties as GERL Secretary. They will be processing new memberships and renewals. When asked to do this, they never hesitated even though it is quite a time consuming chore.
   Thank you Leslie and Jacki for your love of horses and your willingness to be of help to GERL whenever you are needed.  
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