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Volunteer of The Quarter

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1st Quarter 2014 - CeCe Calli
If James Brown was “the hardest working man in show business”, then CeCe Calli is probably the hardest working woman in our organization. Several months ago when she agreed to take over the Foster Coordinator position, she very sensibly suggested that her duties also include those of the Adoption Coordinator. The two positions have always been very closely associated and required constant communication to insure that every horse coming into our program or being adopted was properly placed and tracked. The GERL Board of Directors enthusiastically accepted her idea. It was a “no brainer”.
Thus CeCe embarked upon the most time consuming, frustrating, and, at the same time, rewarding job of her life. In spite of the many hours she spends on the telephone or the computer on behalf of GERL, we have never heard one complaint from her or about her.
A very organized person, CeCe has made changes in the way that both positions are managed. She knows every horse in our program and exactly what type of home it needs. She knows just where to look for a foster home on short notice and that is very often required. CeCe is both a “people person” and a “horse person”. She lives on a small horse property near Hartwell, GA. with her husband, Lou. Although she has worked with Thoroughbred horses for most of her life, she loves and appreciates all horses and is very knowledgeable concerning their nature and care.
GERL is very fortunate to have someone of CeCe’s caliber in this very important Coordinator position. We are pleased to single her out to be recognized as our most recent Volunteer of the Quarter. We love working with you, CeCe and deeply appreciate the hours you spend on behalf of GERL and the horses.

2nd Quarter 2014 - Celebrating all the Cooks
We choosen a group of volunteers this time around...All the people who help do the cooking.
One thing’s for sure, if GERL is hosting an event of some type, most likely there will be food available. We have always cooked at our Poker rides and Fall Fests and Spring Fests over the years and we started cooking at all of the GDA auctions a couple of years ago. So much so, that we recently bought our own four-burner grill. Getting a volunteer to come and cook is a different topic. That is usually the last job that most people want to do. It’s hot and greasy, and smoky too!

For this edition of our Volunteer of the Quarter we decided to do something a little different by recognizing all of the GERL Cooks who have stepped up and volunteered to do the least favorite thing on the entire volunteer list. Our chef’s cap is off to Sonny Hinote, who has been our Poker Ride chef for many years, as well as Tracie Merson and Steven Neal, who have booth cooked for several of the Mansfield horse auctions; Ray Ziebell and Jack Pesserilo recently joined up to cook at our Gene Fest ride. Another pair of cooks we want to thank are Clay Harrison and David Lee, who cooked at our last Polo Match.
As you can see, It takes a lot of cooks to fill GERL’s needs! Thanks to all of you who gave your time! We LOVE our COOKS!!

3rd Quarter 2014 - Tamma Trump
We want to recognize another member of the GERL Board of Directors as our Volunteer of the Quarter. Tamma Trump of Little Brook Farm near Acworth is very deserving of this recognition. Tamma is a quite knowledgeable horsewoman and has been a true asset to our Board.
She is one of our outstanding foster caregivers as she is not only willing to provide space for a foster horse when called upon, but she also works for a veterinarian and has large amounts of experience and expertise in caring for sick and injured animals. Tamma, with the help of her employer, Dr. Ava Talmage, and many of her barn boarders and friends, was able to save the life of a precious starving mini mare earlier this year. We all anxiously followed the tense early days of Quickstep’s rehabilitation and shared the joy of her complete recovery and adoption into a loving home. Previously, Tamma fostered a young blind–since-birth mare named “Hope”. Astonishingly, the mare, under Tamma’s guidance, learned to respond to many voice commands which will be of help to her for the rest of her life. After taking care of Hope for a very long time, Tamma was able to find a suitable adoptive home for her. To watch either of these mares leave Little Brook Farm was bittersweet to all involved with their care, especially Tamma. At present Tamma is fostering a beautiful Palomino mare named Butter. She came to Tamma with a very serious and slow healing laceration of a hind leg. Tamma’s tender love and persistent care of the wound has resulted in miraculous healing.
It cannot go without mention that Tamma hosted a Betsy Moles Groundwork Clinic at Little Brook Farm on behalf of GERL in September of this year. The clinic was a huge success and resulted in a very generous donation from Betsy to GERL
As if her wise counsel to our GERL Board of Directors and her excellent care of GERL foster horses was not enough, Tamma, earlier this year, also accepted the HUGE job of GERL Rescue Challenge Committee Chairman and has done a wonderful job.
Our most sincere gratitude to Tamma Trump for her hard work on behalf of GERL and all horses.

4th Quarter 2014 - Laurie Wilson
Laurie Wilson is her name. Horses (and mules!) have long been her game. Many may remember a story about an aged Quarter Horse named Vandy that had been in permanent G.E.R.L. foster care for nearly ten years until his recent death. Vandy had belonged to Laurie’s father, Bob Hayden, until he could no longer care for the old horse. I first met Laurie on the day that foster caregivers, Leslie Lambert and Jacki Moore traveled to Mr. Hayden’s farm to get Vandy.
The next time we saw Laurie was years later. She had just been very surprised to learn that Vandy was still living and she had made arrangements to travel to Leslie and Jacki’s farm for a visit with the then forty year old gelding. It was a grand, emotional reunion and, just as we had sadly predicted, it was the last time she ever saw Vandy.
The entire Committee worked very hard to produce the Challenge but we could have never met with such success without Laurie’s direction. To top it all off, Laurie agreed to be our MC for the event. She carried out those duties dressed like a very savvy cowgirl while astride her unusually beautiful mule, Toby Jack. She did a great job as MC and the addition of Toby Jack was just the icing on the cake!

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