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1st Quarter 2011 - Becky Gregory
Becky, Becky, Becky! What can we say? She has never met a stranger, she laughs all the time, she just loves everybody! Never a dull moment when Becky is around! Becky lives in Good Hope, GA. with her husband, Robert, Odin and Lokie & Minnie Mouse - her three dogs and her wonderful horses, Chocolate, Harley and Curtis Lowe. She also has two laying hens - Lucy and Ethel! This past year, Becky has been very busy with GERL. She is our Foster Coordinator and there have been plenty of horses to coordinate. At the end of 2010, we had approximately 47 horses in foster homes. Becky has to make sure that we have approved foster homes available at all times. When a horse comes into our program, she contacts a foster home in the area closest to the horse, contacts the Area Coordinator and schedules the pick up and delivery to the foster home. She makes sure that all of the paperwork is in order, that ―before‖ pictures are taken and rehab control forms are filled out and maintained. She keeps up with all Coggins and vaccination schedules. Becky has a wonderful relationship with all of her Foster homes. She checks on the foster parents on a regular basis and loves to receive news and pictures on the foster horses. GERL is blessed to have such an outgoing, caring volunteer in Becky. Thank you for all that you do for the horses, Beck! We love you!

2nd Quarter 2011 - Ruth Wilson
It is our custom to honor by recognition, one outstanding GERL volunteer each quarter. This quarter our special volunteer is Ruth Wilson, GERL Adoption Coordinator. Ruth lives with her new husband, Tommy, on a beautiful farm in Madison County She fills her days with teaching riding to young students, caring for her personal horses as well as the boarded horses on her farm, and working long hours in her office for the benefit of GERL. An almost extreme animal lover, Ruth finds it difficult to turn away any dog, cat, or horse needing a meal or a home. Example: She even brought a small dog home when she and Tommy returned
from their recent HONEYMOON! They spotted the little ting hanging around a restaurant where they stopped for a meal. Ruth relates that soon after they left the café, she asked Tommy to turn around so that she could get that dog. They had already been told that it had no owner. That little thing is now the boss in her yard where four other, much larger, rescue dogs reside. There are similar stories concerning several cats which share their home. Yes, Ruth Wilson is a softie. A little known fact about Ruth is that she is an author. She has actually written several books and will be helping GERL in the area of grant writing and newsletter articles in the future. Ruth is one more example of why we are continually amazed by the talents of GERL members with whom we work. The GERL Board of Directors has long been aware that we could not possibly have found a better person to be our Adoption Coordinator. It is uncanny how Ruth seems to be able to match horses with adopters. She is very good at listening to people who contact her with interest in providing a home for a rescue horse. Ruth knows well the available horses and is frequently able to correctly match them with people who possess experience and a skill set compatible with a particular animal. She is able to assess temperament and personality in both the people looking for a horse and the horses looking for a home. It is her gift and we are grateful that she continues to share her gift with GERL.

3rd Quarter 2011
Our GERL volunteer of the quarter is most definitely a person whom we have come to rely on to get things done. Her name is Cynthia Brayton and she also happens to be our Area Coordinator for Rockdale and Henry counties. Cynthia has been instrumental in helping to make sure that any reports of equine neglect in her area are checked out and handled appropriately. She has built a relationship with the Rockdale County Animal Control employees and is always willing to help them, whenever needed. Cynthia has also been the first person to volunteer to sit on GERL booths at several locations, including the recent Georgia Arabian Horse Association Summer Classic Horse Show and the Parelli Classic Show, both held at the International Horse Park. She is always willing to volunteer her time and energy to help set up an auction, shop prices for rubber stall mats or drive to pick up donated fence posts and auction items. One thing that Cynthia is especially good at is getting donations, and she can absolutely come up with the loot after an afternoon of contacting local vendors in her area. She grew up around horses and is a very knowledgeable horsewoman. On top of all of that, she has a great sense of humor and fun to be around. Thank you, Cynthia, for all you do for GERL and the horses!

4th Quarter 2011

My first introduction to Greg Masey came years ago when he and his teen aged daughter, Lindsie, attended a GERL event and asked if they could help. Somehow they ended up being involved with the preparation and serving of the food. Since that time it has often been my pleasure, when arriving at a GERL function, to see that Greg is there and already hard at work making certain that none of the participants leave hungry. Even though Greg and Lindsie did not own a horse, they shared a love for them that all of us at GERL completely understand. That love of horses and Greg‘s desire for Lindsie to learn the rewards associated with helping others is what originally brought them to us and still binds us in our shared goal. Even though Lindsie has now reached those teen age years which introduce many interests beyond horses and the family, Greg continues to volunteer at the Mansfield Equine Impound as needed and to attend GERL events to offer his help. In recent times, he has even managed to procure some needed food items from his employer and from other merchants.
I personally, have a deep appreciation for people like Greg Masey. He is one of those quiet, behind the scenes, kind of guys who works deliberately and ceaselessly. He never expects recognition and is always looking for the next opportunity to be of help. Greg Masey, GERL salutes you and your volunteer spirit!

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