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2016 Another Successful Stallion to Gelding Campaign

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   It is our hope at GERL that all of our members and many others who are also concerned about the growing number of unwanted horses in our state (and in our nation), are aware that each November, GERL partners with local veterinarians all over Georgia to provide low cost stallion castrations. Basically, the stallion owner pays $50 and GERL pays $50. The horses are transported to a designated location for the service. The veterinarians agree to perform the procedure for $100. There may be additional charges since a current tetanus immunization and Coggins are required preoperatively. Many stallion owners also request that “wolf teeth” be removed while the horse is anesthetized.

   One day in November of each year has traditionally been designated as “GERL Stallion to Gelding Day” ever since this very important part of the “GERL Get Well Plan” was implemented in 2010. Over time, our Castration Day has, of necessity, become Castration Month. Each participating vet or vet clinic still performs the low cost castrations on a certain day but they choose a day which best fits their schedule; therefore, the castrations are being performed throughout the month of November. Dates, locations, and times for each Castration Day are listed on the GERL Web Site (www.gerlltd.org). Stallion owners must make appointments directly with the vet most convenient to them.

   This year, GERL received a $5000 grant from the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to help with the cost of this event. It is not the first time that ASPCA has donated to this important program and we are truly grateful.

   Although, to have your stallion castrated during this event, is the most cost effective, GERL also helps with the cost of the surgery at any time during the year. GERL will pay $75 toward the cost of having your stallion castrated by the vet of your choice. For more information, please contact Marian Finco (Stallion to Gelding Coordinator) at mhfinco@aol.com.

   I always attend the Castration Day at Countryside Hospital for Animals near Jersey, GA. I was joined this year by Leslie Lambert and Jacki Moore (our Volunteers of the Quarter). There, the surgeries are performed by Vet students from the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine. The students are advanced students and are supervised one-on-one by Staff Vets from Countryside or Instructors from the Vet School at UGA. The students are very excited for this opportunity to practice their surgical skills and it is easy to see that they will all make outstanding practitioners in the future.

   There were 12 stallions castrated at the clinic I attended at Countryside on November 19. This number included some darling Mini Horses and a couple of “very spirited” (wild!) donkeys. The surgery went well for each of the animals and they all went home to face a much better life for having had this experience.

Seventy-eight stallions were castrated during our Stallion to Gelding Month this year.


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