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2015 - The 5th Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day

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   “Stallion to Gelding Day”, sponsored by GERL comes each year on the second Saturday in November. Patty Livingston and I met at Countryside Hospital for Animals near Jersey, GA. early that morning as we have for all of the years that the event has taken place. It was a sunny, crisp morning and as the attending veterinarians, UGA veterinary students, and the stallions (soon to be geldings), began to arrive, the excitement was palpable. The Countryside Vets are always willing to help with this very important GERL Program, the UGA Vet Students are very excited to obtain their first experience with castrating a horse, and the stallions are just excited to be horses on such a beautiful morning! I doubt that they (the stallions) know that the rest of their lives will be effected in a good way because their owners have made the very responsible decision to have them castrated.

   This yearly event is sponsored by GERL in an effort to encourage the owners of stallions (including Mini Horses, ponies, and donkeys) to have them gelded. We are able to negotiate with many veterinarians over Georgia so that, after GERL pays part of the cost, stallion owners can have the procedure done for the extremely low cost of $50 per horse. This, in an attempt to prevent the over breeding of horses which has led to the overabundance of horses in our state. This overabundance has brought the value of horses to such a low point that those who cannot afford to own a horse, can easily obtain one. This most often leads to starvation and/or very poor living conditions for these poor horses.

   This Stallion to Gelding Day was much like all of the other such events I have attended. All went well and that is the great news! It is still amazing to me to see the horses get up after general anesthesia and the surgery, walk around for a bit, and then load onto a horse trailer to go home within a very short time. I asked some of the stallion owners what this program meant to them. Many of them said that they would have eventually had their animals gelded anyway but this opportunity to save quite a bit of money, made them make it a priority to have it done on November 14th. After 73 years of observing human nature, I am certain that many of them would perhaps have put off getting it done until it just might have possibly resulted in the birth of an unwanted foal. All of the vets and vet students participating at Countryside were at the site from 8:30 AM until about 5PM. There were 13 stallions gelded and we all enjoyed a pizza lunch provided by GERL while we enjoyed a lovely day of doing a very good thing. Including the other sites all over Georgia, where the very same thing was going on, 72 stallions were gelded on that day!

   Please join us in giving a BIG thanks to all of the equine vets who participated in this event this year: Amicalola Veterinary Service, Barnesville Animal Clinic, Barrow Veterinary Service, Big Springs Equine Medicine, Countryside Veterinary Service, Fulton Equine Clinic, King Equine Veterinary Service, New South Equine Medicine, Royston Animal Clinic, Town & Country Animal Hospital and Maggie’s Menagerie.


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