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2014 - The 4th Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day

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   As is our custom, Anne Ensminger and I met at Countryside Animal Hospital in Jersey to set up a booth for GERL during the annual castration day. We didn’t have the GERL cargo trailer this year since we seldom sell merchandise at this event. We had brought hand warmers and blankets to take off the morning chill as we waited for the patients to arrive.

   The UGA College of Veterinary Medicine students and vets were already there and waiting to get started. I noticed that there were more students participating this year than last. There were also a couple of male students in the mix which is more unusual than you might think. The entire group seemed interested to learn about GERL and the ways in which we help horses. They were all excited about the opportunity to perform surgery and several thanked us for providing the opportunity. I asked them how many had participated the previous year and there were none. I thought that was interesting.

   As our Castration Day approached, I regretted that I had to let it be known that the event would have to be smaller this year. I wrote about our lack of funds for this program in our last newsletter and the response that followed was very gratifying. We were able to allow the participation of five additional veterinarians who had expressed an interest in helping this year. Because of the generosity of G.E.R.L. members, the participating Georgia veterinarians, many volunteers, and the UGA students and instructors, we were able to help with the castration of 96 stallions on November 8th. Thanks very much to all who did not hesitate to step up and donate to help make this happen. I also want to thank Dr. Rebecca Gimenez who graciously offered to cover any overage. It felt good to realize that there are others as passionate about the G.E.R.L. Castration Program as I.

   G.E.R.L. is always very appreciative of the veterinarians who agree to host a clinic on our Castration Day each year. They perform castrations at the greatly reduced rate of $100.00 per stallion. The stallion owners pay half of that fee and G.E.R.L. pays the other half plus the cost of medications. The only extra charge to the horse owners is for a required tetanus inoculation if their horse has not had one recently.
This program was founded as part of the “G.E.R.L. Get Well Plan” and is our way of addressing the overpopulation of horses, a great contributor to the horse problems in our state.

Dr. Ava Griner Talmage, Amicalola Veterinary Services
Dr. Dan Carter & Dr. Billy Myers - Countryside Animal Hospital, Jersey
Dr. Dr. Ross Kittrell, New South Equine Medicine, Good Hope
Dr. Logan King, King Equine Vet Services, McDonough
Dr. Wanda Thompson, Royston Animal Hospital Royston
Dr. Mark Korb, Barnesville Animal Clinic, Barnesville
Dr. Eric Sjoberg, Dr. Brittany Bell and Dr. Jennifer Adams, Maggie's Menagerie Veterinary, Ila
Dr. Jennifer Baker & Dr. Bill Baker, Equine Associates, Hawkinsville
Dr. Katie Lott-Ellis, Jacksonville Equine Associates, Waynesville
Dr. McCord, Bowdon Animal Clinic, Bowdon
Dr. Hagart, Town & Country Animal Hospital, Mt. Airy
Dr. Melissa Fulton, Fulton Equine, Spalding County

To my way of thinking, this is one of the most important programs that we sponsor and the GERL Board of Directors all join me in vowing that we will do all in our power to ensure that we continue to host this event every November.



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