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2012 - The 2nd Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day

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   Did we have a BEAUTIFUL day for our second annual Stallion to Gelding Day held on November tenth?!! YES we did! We are happy to report that the event was a HUGE success!

   I remember very well the first time I was introduced to the concept of a clinic where stallion owners would transport their horses to a central location, then each horse would be fully anesthetized before undergoing the castration procedure. After the surgery and a relatively short period of recovery from the anesthetic, the animals would then be transported back home with the owners having been instructed concerning how to provide post surgical care. My long professional history with surgery and anesthesia made me doubt the wisdom of such an idea. Now that I have witnessed total success involving the castration of 239 stallions over the past two years, I am satisfied that this endeavor is a safe and cost effective way to prevent the birth of many foals facing an uncertain future. What do I mean by that? The bottom line is that there are simply too many horses in Georgia, (in our COUNTRY!) as compared to the number of responsible horse owners willing and able to properly train, enjoy, and care for them. The price of horses is at an all time LOW. This can be directly attributed to the very sound principal of economics, known simply as “supply and demand”. Many people, who could not have possibly enjoyed horse ownership in the past, now find themselves responsible for the care of one or more of these wonderful animals. These horse owners, unfortunately, have no idea HOW to care for a horse, nor do they have the necessary financial resources. This is a very BAD situation for horses. GERL has witnessed the starvation, mistreatment, and abandonment of many of these unfortunate animals.

   In an effort to reduce the number of horses bred and born each year, GERL is attacking the problem from the ground, up. We are seeking to encourage stallion owners to geld their animals before they ever have a chance to reproduce. We are very aware that we end up financially helping many stallion owners who would geld their stallions anyway but we are happy to do that in order to reach those who, because of the cost of the procedure, would keep their male horses intact and allow them to indiscriminately produce offspring.

   Last year (2011), GERL paid half of the cost of gelding 98 stallions on our “Stallion to Gelding Day” in November. We were able to enlist the services of twelve veterinarians state wide to make that event possible. Each veterinarian agreed to perform the surgery for $100.00. GERL paid half, and the stallion owner paid half. GERL also paid for the anesthetic drugs. This year (2012), we successfully enlisted the services of sixteen veterinarians and we were able to see one hundred forty one stallions castrated!

   We are tremendously grateful to each of the participating veterinarians, their staffs, vet students and instructors from the UGA School of Veterinary Medicine, as well as many GERL volunteers who came together to make this possible. An additional benefit of this year’s event came in the form of a researcher from Berry College, Dr. Caires, and his Research Assistant, Rachel Lemche who attended a couple of our clinics to obtain tissue for a stallion fertility project. Testicular tissue obtained during our Castration Day was collected and submitted to this project by other participating veterinarians as well.

   We have several members who regularly contribute to our Stallion to Gelding Program. They embrace and stand behind our dedication to this mission. We are very grateful to each of them.

   In addition, GERL is extremely grateful to have been awarded a ten thousand dollar grant from the ASPCA in support of this project. We are very pleased that an organization of such importance to animals in our country understands and agrees with our commitment to the welfare of horses, not only through rescue, but by taking steps to reduce the number of unwanted horses.

   GERL plans to hold our state wide Castration Day in November of each year. The growth and success of the event will be directly proportionate to the number of veterinarians who agree to participate and accept a reduced fee for their services. We hope that each of them feels the extreme gratitude of Georgia Equine Rescue League. Below are a list of the equine vets across the state who participated:

Dr. Ava Talmage, Amicalola Veterinary Services, Canton
Dr. Michael White, Crossroads Equine Veterinary Services, Ringgold
Dr. Ross Kittrell and Dr. Rhonda Veit, New South Equine Medicine, Watkinsville
Dr. Billy Myers & Dr. Dan Carter, Countryside Animal Hospital, Jersey
Dr. Lois Lassiter, Budget Vet, Conyers
Dr. Logan King, King Equine Vet Services, McDonough
Dr. Wanda Thompson, Royston Animal Hospital, Royston
Dr. Patricia Barnes, Union County Pet Hospital, Blairsville
Dr. Jennifer Gardner, Gardner Veterinary Services, Meansville
Dr. Charlene B. Cook, Central Georgia Equine Services, Fort Valley
Drs. William and Jennifer Baker, Equine Associates, Hawkinsville
Dr. Katie Lott Ellis, Jacksonville Equine Associates, Jacksonville, FL
Dr. Robin Barrow, Barrow Veterinary Services, Social Circle
Dr. Chandra Moxan, Barnesville Animal Clinic, Barnesville
Dr. Melissa Henn, Shamrock Pet Care, Dublin
Dr. Alex Greenberg, Cairo Animal Hospital, Cairo
Dr. Richard Fayrer-Hosken


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