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2011 - The 1st Annual Stallion to Gelding Castration Day

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   It was April 16, the morning after another night of severe Georgia spring thunder storms, when a group of truly dedicated people gathered for a very unusual event. The sky was overcast, the temperature was cool, and the wind blew relentlessly. In spite of the weather, a group of excited students from the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine, one of their instructors, Dr. Richard Fayrer-Hosken, and the entire staff from Countryside Hospital for Animals near Jersey GA, gathered to join with GERL to put on an equine castration clinic.

   GERL has been organizing these clinics all over Georgia for the past year. It is our feeling that this is an important avenue for us to pursue in our quest to find ways to reduce indiscriminate and irresponsible breeding of equine in our state. The way it works is that GERL negotiates a special price for each castration with local veterinarians. It is then agreed that GERL will pay half of the cost for each procedure and the stallion owner will be responsible for the balance. The result is a price that is hard to resist for owners of stallions which are not meant to be breeding animals.
This particular clinic was, by far our largest undertaking of this type to date. The doctors and staff at Countryside put forth an extreme effort to insure the meticulous organization and planning required to make such an event run smoothly. There were drugs and supplies to procure, advertisement, appointments to make, paperwork before, during, and after the clinic, and arrangements for UGA vet students to participate. It did not go unnoticed that the entire Countryside staff was present on a Saturday and cheerfully working overtime.

   There were 13 equine safely and successfully castrated during the clinic. All surgeries were performed by junior and senior veterinary students under the supervision of Dr. Fayer-Hosken and the expert and experienced doctors from Countryside. The question of the day for the students was “What is the most dangerous part of this procedure?” Answer: Anesthesia. Thankfully, any danger from anesthesia was avoided. At one point during the day, there were five horses undergoing various stages of the procedure, with five teams of budding surgeons, instructors, and helpers working all at the same time!

   GERL would like to express tremendous gratitude to Dr. Billy Myers and the entire Countryside staff of veterinarians, clinic personnel, and volunteers for their continuing support of our organization and for their hard work to insure the outstanding success of this event.



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