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Marty Paulk Cheerleader Awards
2010-Spring Winner

   It is only right that those who have served GERL for the longest time and who have truly helped the organization to grow and become successful, be awarded the Marty Paulk Cheerleader Award. Ray Ziebell knew and love Marty Paulk, as did many of us. He has been a member of GERL since the very beginning and has done all in his power to ensure our success.
   Ray and wife, Pierette, make every effort to attend most GERL events. Their presence always adds greatly. Ray is a quiet man, if you do not consider his propensity for dressing up as a Native American and bursting into camp at night on a very spirited black horse, carrying a blazing torch, much to the delight and surprise of everyone. It is quite an unbelievable sight and one which will never be forgotten.
   Ray and Pierette love horses and they love GERL. This is evidenced by their long time and deep involvement in the organization. Two nicer human beings could never be found.
Some time ago, Ray discovered that he had a love and a special talent for making jewelry, knives, and other Native American reproduction artifacts. In addition to his successful farm fencing business, he finds time to produce many interesting and beautiful Native American items which he sells as a vendor at appropriate gatherings. He has donated many, very successfully sold, such items for GERL auctions.
   One especially appreciated volunteer service provided by Ray at GERL trail rides, is that he gets out of bed very early to make sure the coffee is ready for those who are still rubbing their eyes on a beautiful morning prior to a fun ride.
   This year Ray was deeply moved when we lost our very special friend, Andee Rogers. He suggested that the 2016 Annual GERL Poker Ride be designated as The Andee Rogers Memorial Ride. He also volunteered to head the event and, after two postponements due to weather conditions, it became a very outstanding reality. Your GERL Board of Directors has declared that the Annual GERL Poker Ride will be forever known as the Andee Rogers Memorial Ride. This feels very right to all concerned and we are happy that Ray represented Andee’s memory with such a result.
   Ray Ziebell and wife, Pierette, are truly cheerleaders for GERL and have been for a very long time. We are pleased to present Ray with the well-deserved award which honors the memory of one of the dearest, most loved members of GERL, Marty Paulk.

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