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Marty Paulk Cheerleader Awards
2009 Winner Mickey Farmer

   If there has ever been a “larger than life” personality, it belongs to Mickey Farmer. Always cheerful, sometimes downright boisterous, Mickey is loved by everyone. He has been GERL’s official auctioneer for many years and has always arranged his busy career as a popular and successful professional auctioneer, to accommodate GERL fund raisers. Not only does he share his time and talent with this organization but over the past few years, Mickey can also be found on the auctioneers stand selling horses which have been impounded and rehabilitated by Georgia Dept. of Agriculture, Equine Division.
    To listen to his auctioneers chant and especially his humorous side remarks, is always a treat for even those who have no intention of bidding. Mickey has a way of making folks want to bid on items that may fall into the “ridiculous” category. I remember Mickey managing to sell a very small diver’s wet suit to a gentleman who is neither very small nor, in any way, had a need for such an item! It was all in fun and added lots of excitement and laughter as several bidders competed, each hoping NOT to win the bid, for the wet suit. I do believe I myself, have a fuzzy, four foot tall, pink flamingo for which I paid $100, in the back of a closet somewhere. So you see, anyone can fall victim, not only to this man’s auctioneering abilities, but his uncanny way of setting a mood of joy and generosity for the cause that GERL represents.
   Other than Mickey’s undeniable value as our auctioneer, he and his friend, Thomas Threat bring life to any evening spent around a campfire. All of the campers seem to find their way to Mickey and Thomas’ camp which centers around a HUGE campfire. A tiny amount of beer may be consumed and some very tall tales are shared. Fun and laughter seem to follow Mickey Farmer as he turns any event into a valued memory.
   Mickey freely donates his skill as an auctioneer to GERL and to GDA. His service truly makes a difference. We at GERL are grateful for both his generosity and his friendship. We are honored to name him as the first recipient of an award that keeps the memory of his, and GERL’s friend, Marty Paulk, alive.

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