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Marty Paulk Cheerleader Awards
2012 Winner Andee Rogers

   Andee Rogers and Marty Paulk were friends, brought together by their association with GERL and their shared love for horses. Andee was proud to accept the GERL Marty Paulk Cheerleader Award in 2012 as she knew just how meaningful the award is to the organization and all who knew Marty.
   We doubt there is anyone in this organization who has not heard that Andee DeMoss Rogers passed away on September 7, 2015. Even if you did not know Andee personally, you probably know someone who knew her well and thought very highly of her.
   Out of a growing awareness and a deep concern for the way that many horses were (and still are) treated by cruel and uncaring owners in our state, Andee and several other ladies founded Georgia Equine Rescue League, Ltd. in 1992. They held a deep determination to end mistreatment of horses. Since that time, Andee has been an integral part of, and an active supporter of GERL’s mission in many, many ways. She will be greatly missed by all at GERL and everyone who called her ‘friend’.
   Who can explain the deep love for horses that we who simply must have them in our lives, hold in our hearts? Being aware that Andee joyfully carried the “horse disease” gene, her own mother is at a loss to explain it. It’s a thing that just IS. In Andee’s case, it seems to have been a trait that she was very pleased to have passed on to three generations of her horse loving family.
    Appropriately, Andee’s last day was just as she would have planned. It was a beautiful early winter day and she was preparing her beloved mare, Sierress, for a trial ride. They would be joined by two of Andee’s dearest friends. She was taken suddenly just as they were ready to mount. Even if it was not her last thought, we know that Andee had pondered this little prayer many times; “Of all the things I have accepted in life, I pray silently that God will never let me know the last time I ride a horse”. That was Andee.

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